About Us

Collision Sports is a nutrition and health supplement store owned and operated by professional mixed martial arts fighter and entrepreneur Ricky Goodall based in Halifax, NS, Canada. Our products are currently located inside of Breathing Space Yoga Studio at 6389 Coburg Rd.

Collision Sports’ main focus is super foods, health supplements and other nutritional products. Collision’s mission is to provide high quality products fit for all athletes from beginner to advanced levels, be it ballet dancers or rough and tough fighters while also catering to everyday people.

We have also expanded into nutrition and training coaching from owner Ricky Goodall and his other businesses The Nutrition Blueprint and The Performance Blueprint.

Collision Sports started as an idea created by Ricky while selling supplements and MMA gear from the trunk of his car, evolving into a physical location opened by he and Andrew Nutt, then molding into the online presence and customer base it holds today. Collision Sports offers business to all over Canada and the US at the cheapest and quickest shipping options available.